Car Dent Repairs

There are various ways to make car dent repairs. Sometimes you will need to take your car to a garage for a body shop repair and sometimes you can repair the dents at home. The solution you choose here may well depend on how comfortable you are repairing the dent yourself and on how big the dent actually is.

One of the most traditional ways of repairing car dents is to fill them in and then to sand them down and respray them. This method is still used - especially on large or complex dents that are not easily repaired by other means. Nowadays, however, there are other ways to repair car dents without having to go through this process. These are often referred to as ‘no paint’ dent solutions.

In general terms these solutions could involve pushing or forcing the dent out from behind if this is feasible or pulling it out from the front of the dent. These methods can often repair car dents quickly and effectively without the need for repainting. So, you could be left with a solution that makes your car look as good as new here.

It is always wise to ask someone in the know which solution to choose here. Some experts think that the newer types of car dent repairs are best kept for smaller dents, for example.