Car Paint Repairs

It’s all too easy to find that you have some form of damage to your car’s paintwork. No matter how carefully you drive yourself or where you park your car when you are not using it your car can get scratched, scuffed, chipped and damaged by both other vehicles and pedestrians. In some cases the damage may be such that you want to have it repaired by a garage. Or you may simply not be confident about doing this kind of repair yourself.

But, you can also look at buying a DIY car paint repair solution for minor scratches and damage. There are various kits, for example, that you can buy nowadays that can help you solve this kind of problem. In basic terms here (although methods can vary from kit to kit) you will need to clean and sand down the area that you need to work on before applying your new paint.

The kinds of paints available for these kinds of solution can either be ‘touch up’ paints that are often sold be your car manufacturer or a special mix that you have made up. Special mixes may cost more than standard products but will give you a better colour match to your current paintwork.